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Yale Smartlock Fail

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Yale Smartlock Fail
« on: November 28, 2017, 09:37:22 am »

So I love adding gadgets to my 'smart' home.  I bought the Yale SmartLock which claims to support both Z-wave and Zigbee.  Great I can make it work with my Echo Plus.  When I got the box I even had a single page handout telling me it has both a Z-wave and Zigbee HA controller. 

I installed the Yale lock to my garage side door (not yet ready to trust it on the house).  All works great.  Enter my pin code or use the fob and the door unlocks.  No more keys!!! I am ready for Amazon to deliver to my garage.

Then I tried to connect it to my Alexa.  In the Yale booklet it tell you to try one keycode combination to make it pair with Alexa.  And on the updated Amazon Alexa App (under device discovery - get help) it tells you a different keycode to make Yale locks pair using Zibgee.   

Sadly neither works and when I asked Yake UK support I was told this feature was only supported in the US.  I personally don't believe them and will keep trying.  Maybe using a Smart Things hub which defeats the object of having the Echo Plus with Zigbee. 

Has anyone else tried to connect a Yale Smart Lock with Echo Plus via Zigbee?