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Prevent Echo from controlling lights at a second location over shared account?

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My girlfriend and I share an Amazon Prime account, but do not live together.  I currently have an Echo that controls a Wemo switch and Hue lights.  She wants an Echo Dot and Wemo switch for Christmas.  Is there a way to prevent her Echo from controlling my lights and my Echo from controlling her forthcoming Wemo switch?

I'm looking to avoid multiple "accounts" since only one has access to Prime Music and switching back and forth is cumbersome.  I'd also like to avoid having to add extra descriptors like "Harry's bedroom lights" and "Jane's bedroom lights."

Can it be configured just by location?  Her Echo controls her smart items and my Echo controls mine?

Thanks so much.

I don't see why there will be  a problem. I think, it's by location, IP address to be specific, not account. And it's real easy to change names anyway using group if there's a conflict, I doubt it though. Also you have different devices.
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Thanks for the response.  Can anyone else confirm or deny?

I have a few dots at two different locations and can control all devices at both locations from any dot.

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I'm not sure how much this will help... I have echos at two locations (using one Amazon account) and can control lights at either location, i.e., I can turn on work lights from home, or home lights from work. I use different names to distinguish which lights are which. I am not sure how it would work in your situation. I'm assuming both of you would be able to control each other's lights, however, Wemo has the option to disable "remote" use. That may restrict the "outside" echo from controlling it, but I'm not sure. If the Wemo lights are on different accounts, that may help. I believe Echo can control the lights through accounts- you talk to echo, echo talks to amazon server, amazon server talks to Wemo server, Wemo server talks to Wemo switch- very quickly. Hope you get it figured out!

This is what I am afraid of.

Does anyone know a way to prevent it?

the only way to prevent it is to have separate amazon accounts.  since they are free, there is no reason not to.  You can still share the prime account. 

But then you would have to take the extra step of switching accounts every time you want to adjust the lights or turn on the fan, etc., correct?

If your girl friend would not be listening to music with the prime account on her dot ( which isn't the best for that anyways) then having another account for just her dot wouldn't matter.

But then you would have to take the extra step of switching accounts every time you want to adjust the lights or turn on the fan, etc., correct?

it is one or the other.   I certainly would not have anyone to have access to my prime account where they would have access to my credit card info.   she might become your wife.
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All you really have to do is use different names for your lights. You can name light on yours, she can name hers - room. I mean why are you making it complicated when it is not and you have not even tried if it indeed will give you problem which I highly doubt.
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