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Tap Support Lacking?

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Tap Support Lacking?
« on: October 31, 2017, 07:17:19 am »
Every time I look into some setting or option I'd like to adjust on the Tap it seems as though the device is for some reason many times an exception to the generally supported Echo features...

For instance, while looking into the Calling & Messaging and Voice Profiling Tap exclusions, I came across this recommendation from CNET which seemed like a great idea -

> If you yell for Alexa from across the house or spew a command when she's out of sight,
> there's no way of knowing if she's listening.
> To fix this, head to the Echo app (Web interface) on your phone, tablet, or computer,
> and go to Settings > [Your name]'s Echo > Sounds. Enable Wake up sound, and you're set.
> You also have the option to enable the End of request sound.

The Alexa App installed in conjunction with Tap does not offer this option - Why? And there are others...
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