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echo, smartwatch and shopping lists

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echo, smartwatch and shopping lists
« on: December 20, 2015, 08:27:02 pm »
Since the beginning, I found the echo was perfect for creating shopping lists.  It was simple calling out the items you need as you use them or as you are going through the cabinets to see what you were out of.  The biggest disadvantage was using the list when you got to the store.  Sometimes the echo app was slow opening the list.  If using ifttt to get the shopping list via email, it would be slow in receiving it or unable to access because the phone could not receive a signal inside the store.  However, some of the biggest issue was shopping and carrying the phone because you could not lay the phone down or it could get stolen, it could get knocked out of your hands by some brat whose parents were too busy shopping to care,  or just plain get dropped.    It was so awkward to use. 

a few weeks ago I purchased a smartwatch, gear s2 classic to be specific.  Was looking through ifttt to see if there was a better receipe to get my shopping lists and I saw one for messages.  Since the gear can pick up messages, I decided to give the ifttt recipe a try.   Today before leaving for shopping, I checked the echo for the shopping list.  By the time I got to the store, I received the messages and was able to shop using the list on my smartwatch with ease. 

technology - how can we live without it these days.