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Alexa, spotify and Lifx

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Alexa, spotify and Lifx
« on: October 25, 2017, 11:38:49 pm »
Hello all,

I'm new to this smart home word, and I appreciate some help. I'm trying to create a trigger for Alexa in IFTTT,  to the do the following, turn ON Lifx bulb and turn to a specific color, and start playing a specific channel in Spotify or Pandora. I can create a IFTTT to turn the light on, but i can't find a way to link that trigger to spotify. Any recommendations how to trigger those two commands with just one trigger. Exp. "Alexa, party time", LIfx turn red, Spotify starts playing Rock  channel.
thanks in advance

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Re: Alexa, spotify and Lifx
« Reply #1 on: November 06, 2017, 04:48:51 pm »
AFAIK you cannot control Spotify from IFTTT nor with Echo's routines (yet).
Check out Yonomi maybe  :-\

As for LIFX with IFTTT, you can trigger a set of bulbs to turn to a certain color (like you apparently managed) but you cannot trigger them to cycle through various colors for a real party time club effect. Bummer  :(
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