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« on: September 27, 2017, 10:43:30 am »

PC Dell Laptop (my main Computer) lotsa Ram stuff and a 1Tb HDD
Windows Ten
AVG Zen Anti Virus

Kindle Fire HDX 64 gb Android


I have an Echo 11 big black type

I connect to my Kindle Fire so I can watch downloaded (not streamed) Films and TV Programmes while working on my Laptop.

So, with both Computers booted up, the Alexa automatically connects to my Laptop initially.

I select the film, start it playing and turn to my laptop and open up (for instance) Adobe to crop some photographs.

All is well for about twenty seconds.

Then Alexa announces (very sweetly) that she is now connected to the Laptop, disconnects herself from the Kindle, the sound ceases on the Echo and all is silence.

I go to the settings on my laptop
I see that my Echo is now showing "Connected"
I disconnect it.

I turn to my laptop, see that the echo is not showing as connected.
I select the "Connect"  button.
It connects.
There is sound from my Kindle.

All is well for about twenty seconds.

Then Alexa announces (still very sweetly, can't flummox her) that she is now connected to the Laptop, the sound ceases on the Echo and all is silence.

I return to the laptop settings
Echo-11 is showing "Disconnected"
I turn to my Kindle.
Echo-11 is showing as paired only.

I bring out the Big Guns and select "Disable" on the Echo icon on the Laptop.
I try again
Nowt (despite the "disabled" still being active on the screen).

I turn OFF the Blue tooth on the Laptop.

It connects itself automatically, sweet as a nut
Sound issues from the sound issuing holes on the Echo.
And no more disconnecting.

Now, of course I remember that my Keyboard, my drawing tablet and my mouse are all connected by ...... Bluetooth. So my position now is that I can watch the Film OR work on the Laptop, bit not both.

I have tried this whole rigmarole three or four times.

So far, I have tried it with :-

AVG on and HMA VPN on.
AVG on and HMA VPN off.
AVG off and HMA VPN on.
AVG off and HMA VPN off.

Nothing. De nada. Rien. Zilch. Zero.

Within seconds of me turning my Blue Teeth back on, the sound goes off.

I also tried rebooting the whole lot and then Booting up the Laptop BEFORE the Kindle, nto see if it worked the other way around. It didn't.

Oh, aye, and I promise, upon my honour, before these peeps here assembled that I have, definitely, 100%, may my whole family die horribly if I tell a lie, tutned off my computer, waited five minutes and then turned it back on again.


all comments gratefully read.



Re: bluetooth
« Reply #1 on: September 27, 2017, 02:08:35 pm »
Sorry, but all I did was get lost in the minutia of the problem.  Not sure this is an Alexa issue, since also a laptop, a Kindle are also involved.  Just know this about Bluetooth.  Some gadgets will reconnect, when you don't want them to, UNLESS you turn off the BT feature of that device.  Try connecting one gadget at a time to BT when BT is off on the others.


Re: bluetooth
« Reply #2 on: September 27, 2017, 04:01:44 pm »
LOL. As I have said earlier in my other post. Echo for some weird reason can't be connected to 2 devices at once or that will  happen exactly like what is happening to you. You found the solution that is to turn off the BT that you don't want the echo to be connected. But wait... you have other BT devices that needed to be connected to your laptop.

Solution. Forget the echo on your laptop and vice versa. Whatever you do. Don't connect them. Or you will have groundhog day experience like edge of tomorrow.  :o