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Echo dot (v1) suddenly not pairing on BT

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Echo dot (v1) suddenly not pairing on BT
« on: September 24, 2017, 12:57:49 pm »
Has anyone else had issues with their Dot no longer pairing to their BT adapter/stereo?  I was recently setting up a play "everywhere" group for my Alexa and 4 Dots.  Suddenly, my Dot in the bedroom stopped pairing to the BT stereo after having been paired for over a year.   I have reset both the BT device and the Dot (power on and off) several times with no success.  Sometimes, but rarely, the Dot will recognize the BT device (Esinkin) out there but it will never actually pair. 

I have been able to successfully pair my iPhone and iPod to the Esinkin BT so it is not that device with the issue.

I am wondering if the BT has broken on the Dot or if there is a better power reset or more effective way to try to repair it?

Re: Echo dot (v1) suddenly not pairing on BT
« Reply #1 on: September 24, 2017, 01:29:24 pm »
When you powered off the Dot how long did you wait before plugging it back in?
Try turning off the BT on the Dot, then unplug the Dot.
Wait 5 mins then power back up the Dot.
It may be you either didn't allow enough time for the BT radio to cool down or it doesn't like powering up when Dot does.

Since sometimes your Dot sees other BT and sometimes not there may be a bad solder joint.
These seem to appear after everything has warmed up and can be hard to find. Repairing bad solder joints (if you can find them) usually isn't to difficult with a fine tip solder gun.