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Elderly Using Alexa in another rcountry

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Elderly Using Alexa in another rcountry
« on: September 19, 2017, 04:30:40 pm »
Hi, Iím trying to set up the Echo Show to help stay in touch with my elderly mother in Canada.  I would like to be able to manipulate a calendar for her and send her reminders and texts of some sort.

Will I be able to use the Alexa App on my smart phone in the US to work with the Echo show which will be in Canada?  Currently the device is registered to me in my US  Amazon Prime account, and I have the Alexa app on my phone in the US.  Is there some way for me to add calendars without messing up my own calendars (which I have already done)
Would it be easier to have someone in the same town as her use her smart phone to do everything, or is there some work around.

I can tell Alexa appointments and Alexa will know about them.  So far when adding things to my calendars on my cell phone she does not know about them.
Is there a separate calendar app that Alexa can work with, hopefully one that can show a month at a time?
Mom needs to constantly refer to a written message to feel secure.  I need to be able to send her messages without resorting to snail mail.  She has been unable to use a smart phone or computer, so I am hoping that this can help.

Thanks for any help in advance.