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Echo working with Cujo Smart Firewall

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Echo working with Cujo Smart Firewall
« on: September 18, 2017, 04:30:28 pm »
Joined the forums hoping someone here would have the knowledge to answer this question.  I just purchased Cujo, a smart firewall that protects your already existing network.  My devices look to it for DHCP, it's now even in a DMZ so any open ports work without having to forward from my router to Cujo then to the device.  I have a list of ports Amazon gave me: 123, 443, 4070, 5353, 40317, 49317 and 33434

Opening these however, didn't fix my issue.  The issue I'm having is that Spotify, Amazon Music and also audio podcasts (such as TechCrunch added to my news) don't play.  Spotify on another device in-network doesn't see the Echo as being there, at all.  Asking it to play music via Spotify or Amazon Music results in it acting like it's going to play, reading back your request, but no audio occurs.  Funny enough, Pandora does work, albeit with an initial blip in audio within the first second.  I worked with Cujo support to turn off their protection on the device, and Amazon tech support to no avail.  Amazon engineers are supposed to get back to me within 3 days.