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Returning Fire Tablet

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Returning Fire Tablet
« on: September 15, 2017, 12:19:16 am »
This is a new experience that I haven't had before. I bought a Fire Tablet during Prime Day, which was just 2 months ago. I bought a Fire Tablet among other things. The Fire Tablet always sits on my desk and no where else. Last week, after talking to some Amazon support reps, it was determined that my Fire Tablet had an issue with the battery. So I sent it in for repairs. I expected a refurbished replacement sent back to me, but to my surprise it was my same tablet. I know it was the same one because there's a smudge in the shape of the little ring stand that I removed from the back when I sent it in.

So now that I have my tablet back, I noticed that there's a deep scratch about 1" long near the top/center of the screen. I'm always super careful with my portable devices. Anyway, I talked to Amazon support again and they're going to send a replacement to me. And I'll be sending this one back to them to show them the scratch.

It's just kind of interesting. So I thought I'd share the experience.


Re: Returning Fire Tablet
« Reply #1 on: September 15, 2017, 02:13:19 am »
Yep, Amazon is good about returns.

I just dealt with them yesterday about a return and will receive a full refund, although some time has passed since the purchase.  It concerned the cover/case I bought for my new iPad I got last month at Costco.  It took me a while to determine that the front cover (with a magnetic interior that shuts down the iPad when the cover is closed) has too powerful of magnets in it, and that folding the cover around the back (like a book cover) also would shut down the iPad from the backside!  It never happened with our previous iPads, nor was it happening with my wife's new cover for her new iPad. Hers is a different brand, so once I figured out it was the cover and not the iPad acting up I bought myself a cover; same brand as wife has last week from Amazon. I put it on my iPad yesterday, and all is well with new cover and my iPad now. Apparently, the first cover I bought was poorly engineered and made with stronger magnets than necessary. It's kind of a weird problem I thought I would share.

Anyway, good luck with your replacement Fire tablet.