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Using one Echo Dot to control the volume of another, within a "Group"?

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Hi! I have 4 Echo Dots and I have them all "grouped" together in a group called "House" group. I like the fact that I can say something like "Alexa, play the Pearl Jam on the House group" and the synched music starts playing everywhere. Very cool.

However, does anybody happen to know if there is a voice command to remotely tell a Echo Dot in another room to set it's volume level to a specific number?

For example, let's say I have the same music playing through my house (and porch) [this is the way they are grouped]. Can I, from my living room Echo Dot, tell my Echo Dot connected to my porch speakers to set volume to zero? (to spare my neighbors)? Or, must I go outside on the porch and tell it directly? Seems like I should be able to call the device by name and control that device's volume from any one of my grouped Echo Dots, but I can't figure out the command. Anyone? -Thanks! -Rob