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Possible Bluetooth 2.0 PIN Workaround

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Possible Bluetooth 2.0 PIN Workaround
« on: August 21, 2017, 07:39:29 pm »
Hey guys! New member here. I used to work for AMX by Harman and saw the writing on the wall with regards to simple, affordable home automation that was DIY. Dove in and bought an Echo Dot and an Echo and have been piecing togetehr a pretty nice budget home automation system that is still (in my view) impressive and could only be previously done with hours of programming and tens of thousands of dollars.

In my kitchen I installed the Echo and an MCM electronics bluetooth receiver and amplifier. It's nice because it takes up a single light switch so the integration looks nice. It doesn't break the bank and has an auxilary input that I plan to connect to a distributed audio system. I connected it to a pair of used Phoenix gold in walls that I mounte in the soffit, so they are completely hidden and the system sounds awesome.

However, the problem is that the amplifier only connects via the old 4 digit PIN. The reasoning is solid because it allows a different PIN for each room in the house, but of course Alexa won't connect to it. I didn't read into this until I had the whole thing installed and working. I thought about going with a similar amp that is on newer Bluetooth technology from Parts Express, and even bought one to find that it is too deep to fit in my light switch.

My idea is to put the Echo in the bedroom, where we have it connected to a bluetooth speaker and put the Echo Dot in the kitchen because it has an audio out. If I connect the audio out to a Bluetooth transmitter that is compatible with the PIN 2.0, i will have a great sounding well integrated system that my family and I can enjoy great sounding music just by asking.

Here's the conundrum- I can't seem to find an external Bluetooth transmitter that supports the PIN. Any ideas?