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EASILY install and use family-friendly variant of Kodi with app MrMC

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ATTN: FireTV and Apple TV users . . .

I have written in posts here how I like to use the Kodi app installed on my Amazon Fire TV sticks to access my media files stored in my home network; it's very handy. Since Amazon (and likely Apple) will not allow easy installation of Kodi, not because the app is "bad", but since it is so configurable, it can be set up to do bad things such as enable the Fire TV/Apple TV to connect with media piracy sites.  Well, neither Amazon nor Apple want that done with their devices for legal reasons.

I discovered recently that this problem is solved with an approved app store app called MrMC.  A talented Kodi developer has created this app to eliminate the problems that keep Kodi (proper) out of the app stores.  It uses a modified variation of Kodi that does not permit installing what are called add-ons; many of which enable ability to access pirate sites.

At the Kodi forum there is a post recommending the best software or hardware to use with Kodi.  MrMC is one of the recommendations.  Here is what the post says about FireTV and AppleTV

Amazon FireTV's - download MrMC from the Amazon Apps Store - MrMC is a version of Kodi Jarvis 16.1  (it has some limitations however with Skins and Addons, but is well supported)

Apple TV4 - download MrMC from the Apps Store - MrMC (same limitations as above)

You can go to the MrMC blog for app store links for Amazon and Apple.
There is a small charge for these apps (The app stores need to get their cut of the action, of course.)  Read about the apps while at the app store, as well as reviews.  This is a newer app which is still being tweaked with new updates, bug removal, etc.

I have installed it and am still checking it out to play my music/video media files; so far, so good.

For more info, Google is your friend.

Re: EASILY install and use family-friendly variant of Kodi with app MrMC
« Reply #1 on: July 19, 2017, 12:15:18 pm »
INCORRECT, you are uninformed.  Did you even read my post? 

This is not about buying and installing Kodi, it about installing MrMC, an Amazon approved app from Their store that includes a version of Kodi which is approved because it removed all the illegal things Kodi can be configured to do.

Since I installed it, I noticed the lower menu of MrMC/Kodi does not appear where one can control the media player such as turning on/off subtitles, and other essential controls.  So I plan to contact the developer to see what's up with this.  It is barely useable without these media player controls.

Re: EASILY install and use family-friendly variant of Kodi with app MrMC
« Reply #2 on: July 21, 2017, 04:15:23 pm »
Yes, you should be able to steal copyrighted media from Russia. etc. and use your Kodi for piracy purposes if that is what you are doing.  Be aware that your ISP is monitoring your behavior and could report you and cut you off at any time.