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newbie with a there an Alexa compatible product to turn on/off pool

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Hello!! I'm a newbie and would like to know if anyone is using Echo Dot to control pool light? My builder installed an X10 transmitter and receiver to turn light on and off from inside home. Quit working 8 yrs ago and I've been walking over to pool control cabinet to manually turn light on and off. Think it would be too cool to have Alexa do it for me.

There are several ways to control your x10 via Alexa.
The the Broadlink RM pro will work with X10 if your x10 receiver is working but not the transmitter.

Also you could look at itead Wi-Fi modules which are very cheep one could be wired into your lights power run.
There is an Alexa skill for them as well.
 I run both with Alexa however I don't have a pool. ;)