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NYC Innovation firm seeks Echo users for a paid research study!

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Hi Everyone! New to the forum and sharing a research opportunity in the NYC area.  Details below.  Thanks for reading!

Growth and innovation firm MACHINE ( is seeking people ages 18-28 in the greater NYC area to talk about voice technology for a 2 hour group session on Thursday, July 6 in our Brooklyn office and to journal via Facebook the week of June 26.  Photo and video may be used for our internal use only and you will be compensated $150 for your time. 

We are interested in speaking with you if you are between the ages of 18 and 28 AND fit any of the following:
-  You often use voice assistant on your phone
-  You have smart home devices
-  You want to find ways to optimize your routines using your phone or other smart devices
-  You often like getting technology earlier than others
-  You own the Amazon Echo and/or Google Home

If interested, please follow the link to our Google survey below.  Our research coordinator Maria may then get in touch with you with additional questions.  Thank you!