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Firmware version 1.24.2064.0

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Firmware version 1.24.2064.0
« on: May 23, 2017, 06:47:15 pm »
I opened Firmware version 1.24.2064.0 on my Galaxy 5 android phone and it made me go thru setup. It took two phone calls to Amazon Echo Support to show me the "skip" in the top right corner of the "Allow Alexa to use your phones contact information" page to keep me from having echo receive my phone contacts. Be aware on setup, you cannot just hit the "ask me later" button. You have to hit the small lettered "skip" in the top right corner on the next "continue" page. If you do not, you will be left with a page telling you you need to ok Alexa to have your contact info.  If this bar had been placed above the Continue bar I would have noticed it. The first tech at Amazon did not know what was going on. Had me logoff, uninstall,  reinstall the app. The second rep after a while figured out the problem.
I then tried to add items to my shopping list. I asked Alexa to add bread to my shopping list. It did not show in the app. I asked for bread again and it appeared. I then asked for milk to be added. This time bread appeared again. I finally figured out that the "+ Add Item header is covering up the first item on the list. This item cannot be brought down by trying to scroll the page. the only thing you can do is add another item till it shows. This will always leave an item covered by the list.
Has anyone experienced this and found a fix for it?
Thank you for the help. Gary