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Synology Bluetooth streaming to Amazon Echo

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Synology Bluetooth streaming to Amazon Echo
« on: May 22, 2017, 05:02:35 pm »
In an attempt to make use of my Amazon echo, i decided to accept that it's useless for home audio streaming directly from my server/library (come on Amazon....DNLA please!!!), and revert to the advertised method of using my Amazon Echo as a Bluetooth speaker.
I plugged in a simple CSRV4.0 BT dongle to my Synology Diskstation, and via control panel, successfully paired and connected to my Echo.  Echo annaouced "connected to diskstation 0" (correct name), and my Synology server shows connected to Echo, for audio.

However, when I play from the media server "Audio station", the server believes it's happily playing to Bluetooth. The BT pages in the server shows "playing". Even my Alexa App on my phone indicates that the Echo is in BT streaming mode.
But I get silence. All volume controls are up, but it's totally silent.

Tests :
Connected Synology Server via bluetooth to a cheap 10 Bluetooth speaker. All works good  (server and BT dongle are ok then)
Connected Server to both cheap speaker and echo - (mulitple BT devices option in server) - Nothing from Echo, volume from cheap BT speaker
Connected from a laptop to the echo using the SAME BT dongle that was plugged in to the Synology, and played some music to the echo, and it was fine. - So it's not the dongle / echo itself.
Tried the same test with my backup 211j; Same result.....Nothing.

SO it seems like something very specific with this driver/dongle/DS audio compatibility with Amazons supposed "generic BT speaker".

I then left it and went and told Alexa to tell me the time.  It lit up, but was silent.  Nothing.  It was almost is if IT was sending audio to the Synology Server (and vice versa, maybe!).  Eventually I said Alexa, disconnect, and it finally came back to life.
So using the same BT dongle:
Server to BT speaker = Fine
PC to Echo = Fine
Server to Echo = Not fine (and stops Alexa making any noise at all, while connected).

I realise this might not be an Echo specific question - and I'll be posting the same question to the Synology forum, but I wondered if anyone has any ideas?

Is there any way to debug the audio profile in use, or work out which is client/server etc?

Many thanks,


Re: Synology Bluetooth streaming to Amazon Echo
« Reply #1 on: May 22, 2017, 07:55:46 pm »
Correct. Amazon gadgets cannot play from a NAS source.  (Too bad.) But, a phone can, or a tablet can using an app, and with the right app they can even play from playlists.  From phone or tablet this audio can be played via BT to an Echo.  Same goes for Dots, but who really wants to listen to music on a Dot?  Better to use a decent BT speaker or a real hi-fi stereo. 

Really can't help with your other issues, except to say if you are not using them as a "straight path" as above, you could have issues.