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Alexa control PC out volume? (all TV and movie content played from PC through...

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Alexa already controls a bunch of things in my home through an Insteon hub.

My goal is to use voice commands to Alexa to control the volume of everything...

Everything that I listen to and/or watch is initially on my Windows PC.
Movies, TV shows, music, all of them start in my PC, leave through line out, go to a pre-amp/(class T) amp setup (great sound, and not very expensive), and then to Bose speakers.
I don't use the internal speakers of the TV.
Note that the TV is just being used as a monitor, for the video part of TV shows or movies.

Right now I have two options to change volume.
Walk over and adjust the volume of pre-amp or use the IR remote control for the pre-amp.

I would like to give Alexa voice commands to adjust volume.
What can I add or change to give me this capability?

Would prefer not to replace my beloved amp, but if I have to....


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I'm not familiar with the insteon hub but since you have the PC already running you could install HA-Bridge then control the PCs master volume with simple batch files. ;)