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Connecting Echo Dot To Sound System

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Connecting Echo Dot To Sound System
« on: March 25, 2017, 10:13:19 am »
Hi there i have an unusual problem cant seam to find any solutions through search engines so hopefully some of you have found a workaround for this.

Basically my amazon dot is connected to my home surround sound system going from 3.5 to RCA this gets plugged in the back which works fair enough ...but i want to have my TV sound which also goes in through RCA so naturally i have RCA which has an input at the back to connect a secondary RCA cable i have also tried RCA audio splitters but no matter what i do i plug the TV in and as soon as i plug the Echo Dot's RCA cable into the splitter it cuts off the TV audio signal.

So no matter what i try i cant seam to have both my TV and echo dot in the same RCA input of the sound system so i have to have 1 plugged into the TV RCA input and the dot plugged into Video 1 of the sound system so at the moment i have to choose one or the other where as i would like to have both work simultaneously.