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Newbie! Need help with DOT setup

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Newbie! Need help with DOT setup
« on: November 29, 2019, 10:51:48 pm »
:) SOLVED! :)  OK I figured it out!  I found the "password" (aka security code) I found this link from Windows that guided me through the steps to uncover the location of the code.   

I am now able to have the Amazon Alexa Echo Dot 3rd Gen working!

OK I am new here and just got an Echo Dot with my Insignia 50 Inch TV from I am trying to get the DOT set up but I think I discovered what may be the problem.  But 1st I will try to explain it this way -- I have a WIFI Cable Router (provided and serviced by a local internet service) It is an ARRIS Model #DG2470A. In attempting to set up the Echo DOT via the setup program using my laptop, I seem to be unable to complete the setup because when asked for a "password" for the Router, nothing I have tried seems to allow the set=up program to continue.


The setup asks me to connect to the Amazon WIFI through my WIFI settings on the laptop,  so I do that --- only to see my WIFI internet connection for the laptop become "disconnected".  The set-up program then asks for an Internet Connection (from the WIFI router) and as it happens it asks for that "password" (which I am unable to provide).


Now -- I THINK I know what I should try is this ----  And tell me if I am right?  I think I need to have the "laptop" connected via an Ethernet cable directly to the Router.  That way I am "hard-wired" to the Router with the laptop, then I can proceed to connect the Echo DOT (by finishing the set-up) to select the Amazon WIFI connection -- Does that sound right?


Once I have the Echo linked to the WIFI/Router I can then remove the hard-wired Ethernet cable to my laptop and I should be all set?


Let me know if I am mistaken here!  Thanks!  RichardinKY
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Re: Newbie! Need help with DOT setup
« Reply #1 on: November 30, 2019, 09:17:39 pm »
glad you got it working.  things get slow here around the holidays and some of the experts who could have helped are not as active.