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Broadlink RM2 Pro & Google Voice and later Echo Dot

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Broadlink RM2 Pro & Google Voice and later Echo Dot
« on: February 14, 2017, 02:07:27 pm »
Newbie here.
 I just purchased a Broadlink RM2 Pro and Iíve seen several  posts stating,   that along with tasker, I could use Google voice to issue commands  to my TV and/or cable box.
Iíve watched a couple you tube videos but canít seem to find a place with clear step by step directions.
For example a simple Ďcable box oní command to start.I just need to find a basic template.

Sure seems the skyís the limit with tasker, etc.  Iím surprised there isnít a site to purchase the necessary tasker actions/tasks.

Later I plan on buying an Echo but would like to start with Google voice.

Thanks in advance.
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