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►►► Alexa NEW PC Integration ◄◄◄
« on: February 07, 2017, 09:50:44 am »
I've been working on integration between Echo's & Dots to PC's along with finding ways to communicate in many different ways across your home network to any device that has a browser ... Not SKILLS just something that stays on your home network so is completely private. You can try this for FREE yourself.

► Alexa performs searches across any number of searchable websites simultaneously. 'Alexa Who sang River deep mountain high' might return with YouTube of that artist and a slideshow of images of the artist from Bing, you configure it.

► Add any number of your own 'Phrases' and direct the result to any monitor, PC, Tablet in your house without installing anything on other devices.

► Direct content to any screen but only if the question was asked from a specific Echo or Dot

► Launch any number of PC applications using Alexa, group your applications into a common phrase e.g. 'Alexa Banking' can open Excel, Your downloads folder, Calculator all from the one command.

► Position Built in browsers and PC applications wherever you want to on screen and they will launch to that size and position.

► Shut down your monitors with 'Alexa Screensaver' or 'Alexa Sleep' without reaching for a mouse or keyboard.

► Open source web server means you can create your own HTML files to launch locally or on line. Control local music collections, fire off batch files, it really is endless and private to you on your own network. You can download free of charge, I will not start charging for this application until I have several hundred downloads and everyone's happy. Check out the 'Instructions' button on the website to see how incredibly easy this is to set up. No payment or card details are required for download. Just use it and give feedback.
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