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20 Questions & Akinator Don't Work

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Re: 20 Questions & Akinator Don't Work
« Reply #15 on: January 13, 2017, 01:24:46 pm »
Yes!  I finally thought of that  ::)  Fought with the NetGear Genie software till wee hours in the morning and came to the conclusion that it's the software that's buggy, not me  ;)

Echo Dot performance has improved somewhat.  I really haven't had a chance to give it a good test yet and I'm now out of data with 3 days till the cycle restarts.  Speeds are throttled back so that large downloads and video playback, etc, aren't possible.  I played a game of 20 Questions and even tho Alexa kinda got it right (she guessed Corgi when my answer was "dog") it was the first time the game got past more than 5 or 6 (usually less) questions...the next try only lasted 2 questions.  No buffering during song playback.  Devices connect faster.  Opening Wireless Network Connection Status shows a "speed" of 300Mbps rather than 51 and 72Mbps.  Two download speed tests showed 28 and 30Mbps rather than 10 (give or take).  Oh, printer and Dots are on 2.4GHz and computer, tablet and phones on 5GHz.  Thanks for the tip!

Re: 20 Questions & Akinator Don't Work
« Reply #16 on: January 13, 2017, 02:24:21 pm »
Yep, yer crusin'.