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Shopping List getting incorrectly cleared

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Shopping List getting incorrectly cleared
« on: January 06, 2017, 02:32:59 pm »
I've been searching this and other forums looking for something similar to this but I haven't found anyone's replies or many people that have this issue. 

Basically, I can easily add items to my shopping list on the Echo, I then check them on multiple phones (Android and iPhone) as well as on the PC (Amazon site) itself.  I have even checked the Echo history that shows that the items were "heard" and placed on the list.  But, within 1 day the list gets completely cleared with no interaction from anyone or any indication that there was anything on the list to begin with. 

has anyone had this issue, and, more importantly, been able to figure out a way around this?  I have a ticket submitted with Amazon, but nothing has been addressed yet.