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How do I tell our Dot it's supposed to recognize our Prime membership music?

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Asking again, a similar question:  We are using a full size Echo.  Works fine with our Prime Membership music.  Ask it to play a song and it picks it out of Prime Music.  Got an Echo Dot and it will not recognize or find our Prime Membership.  In the music menu it only recognizes my wife's music library and options to buy music services.  Ask it to play music and it plays random from wife's stored music library.  Ask it to play a specific song, (like we can with our regular Echo), and it just says it can't find it.  Can't find anything, actually, that way.

What gives?  I know we are not the only folks that have this problem.

Thanks, Dennis

Why don't you contact Echo Support and find out for sure if you are not alone and ask the folks who make the Dot at

“You can reach Amazon Echo Customer Support by phone directly and toll-free at 1-877-375-9365. We're available from 3 a.m. to 10 p.m. Pacific time, seven days a week.”

for clarification, which amazon/prime music did you purchased, are you paying 3.99 a month or 7.99 or are you using the version that comes free with amazon prime. 

We are using the music version that comes included with Amazon Prime.  Which works great with our standard, (tall), Echo.  My wife purchased Amazon Prime under her account.  We added me through Amazon's, "family member," option so I can order with my account separately as we've done before, but everything is jointly shared under Prime.  Even our Kindle books are now shared.  She bought my Echo and I downloaded the Alexa app on my iPhome, installed everything, and the Echo works fine with Prime Music.  I gave her a Dot, she downloaded the Alexa app on her iPhone, installed everything, and her Echo dot works just fine except it does not recognize our Prime Member Music as mine does.  When I look into my Alexa settings under music, I see Prime Music.  When I look the same place on her iPhone under Alexa settings it only shows her music library, (which is accessed fine), but NO Prime Member music. 
So.....I'm trying to get her Dot to see what mine does.
Hope that helps, Dennis

As I said above: Contact Echo FREE support.  You PAID for this support in the price of the Dot.
Let us know what you find out.

I should have already said that I do intend to call Amazon.  I also think I'll wait until after this week end as I suspect many are calling them with problems, especially those who are not off work so they can deal with things. 
They may deserve time to fix dead ones and as I only have a feature issue, I can be patient.  Meanwhile, it occurred to me that if my question was answered here, it may help others who read through the forum
i'll talk to them early next week.  Happy New Year, Dennis

Just call .em.  Everyone is either watching football or headed to a NYE party!

Re: How do I tell our Dot to recognize our Prime membership music? FIXED!
« Reply #7 on: January 01, 2017, 05:45:49 pm »
Mike:  You were right all along to, "..just call."  I gave it a whirl and a nice young lady answered with only a 2 minute wait.  Took us about half an hour to straighten it all out.  Here's what happened:
(We have a, "Household," Amazon account which bundles our Prime benefits for both of us)
Wife gave me a full size Echo for Christmas.  I got the app, and set it up using my email address.  Worked.  Was able to ask for specific songs and, if in the Amazon Prime music collection, it played it.
I gave my wife an Echo Dot.  She got the app on her iPhone, set it up using HER email address and it worked....except she could NOT request individual songs.  It did see her previously existing music library and would play that, randomly.
Today the Amazon Support lady told me each Echo after the first one needed to be set up using the FIRST email address used for the first Echo.  We logged out of wife's Echo Dot via her iPhone Alexa App, and re-entered fresh using MY mail address.  Everything now works.
Note:  If we have an individually requested song playing, a second, different song cannot be requested at the same time.  Suits us fine.
Happy New Year, Dennis