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Blink cams and geofencing

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Blink cams and geofencing
« on: November 21, 2016, 04:55:29 pm »
Hi all - new to the forum.

I have a Blink security system.  Through the Echo Dot you can arm/disarm the cameras with voice.  The Blink app has a schedule but I don't like being tied to something that's strictly time based to arm/disarm the system.  I may not be home when it disarms, or home when it does arm, etc.

Is there any way through IFTTT to have the Dot turn on the cams through geofencing similar to how the Nest does with their cams?  I do have a Nest thermostat in case that can be used as the geofencing trigger for the Dot  I'm brainstorming on how this would/could work or is it even feasible for someone like me with limited IFTTT knowledge.

Are there geofencing capabilities in the future?