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Amazon Music not working

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Amazon Music not working
« on: November 07, 2016, 04:25:11 am »
Hi all

Bought a American Echo version home from New York last May and quickly got everything working, Iheart radio, tune in and spotify premium. Since the UK launch i have lost Iheart radio as a voice command but still works from the PC app i installed when i got it.
Thought i would give Amazon music a go but she only says' 'this service not available in your region' so i checked my county and i am a UK registered Prime user  >:(  Same happens with the UK DOT i bought also.
Now the only thing i can find in my settings in Amazon prime is i allowed IFTTT to access my account etc but i dont want to loose my recipes like find my phone which i seem to use a lot  ;D
Do you think this is confusing echo and my UK DOT i am a USA user ?
Can live without Amazon music just need to confirm my theory.
Not sure i am on UK firmware but obviously the DOT is.


Dave UK
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