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Echo Tips & Tricks / Re: Echo on the Echo
« Last post by malliekm on October 17, 2017, 02:31:09 pm »
Out here in the boonies of east Texas my intercom/drop in calling IS via satellite.  If my spoken word has to go thru my internet provider, that's a 44,000 mile round trip :o  So yeah, there is a couple second delay.  I'd like to experience how Alexa sounds (with the Drop In feature and Alexa to Alexa calling feature) in an urban setting.  What kind of internet do you have?  How fast are your commands implemented or questions answered?  If I ask Alexa to turn on the fan (I just did) it takes 4.5 seconds.  I asked "what time is it?"  She took 5 seconds to reply.
Echo Tips & Tricks / Echo on the Echo
« Last post by Gmfurry on October 17, 2017, 02:02:12 pm »
It's great that the intercom and Drop in function has finally been enabled in the uk, and I have got it to work (yay!), but the echo when calling between Dot and Echo makes it almost unusable.
It plays up my voice through the Dot then picks it up and feeds it back (with a few seconds delay) to the Echo, so it's a bit like making a satellite call to Mars...

Is there any way to stop this happening?
Amazon Echo Discussion / Re: 10 buck credit if reorder
« Last post by malliekm on October 17, 2017, 12:31:57 pm »
Thanks for the heads up! 
Amazon Echo Discussion / 10 buck credit if reorder
« Last post by renegade600 on October 17, 2017, 04:58:01 am »
If you never had reordered an item, if you are a prime member, you will get a 10 dollar credit if you reorder an item via your echo.  the credit will have to be used before July 2018.
Echo Technical Support / Echo Show Home Screen Won’t Change Photos
« Last post by petejohnson on October 16, 2017, 06:01:29 pm »
We have two Amazon Echo Show devices, each set to show pictures on its Home screen from an album in our Prime Photos. The album contains about 60 photos but for some reason neither machine cycles though all the photos. Instead, each seems to get stuck on a few photos and often leaves a single photo unchanged on its Home screen for several days.

I've looked at the photos in the Amazon Prime Photos web screen and they seem fine. If I ask the Echo Show to show pictures, it gives me a slide show without a glitch.

Any suggestions on how to fix this?
Echo Technical Support / Re: Echo Dot does not pair with Bose Soundlink III
« Last post by alexM on October 16, 2017, 05:29:23 pm »
Same here on the SL3 + Echo = no joy, no pair...

Its a great speaker and its got a 3.5" stereo headphone jack I have been using to "link" it to the echo...

Wish I could get the bluetooth working ...

ain't nothin you can do about that there opening screen.  be thankful you don't have the google home opening screen, that there screen is really messy 
Google Home / Re: google mini getting recalled?????
« Last post by renegade600 on October 16, 2017, 03:21:59 pm »
A Google shill LOL  Hey, I just call it like I see it ;)
I could be confused about how I thought Google handled the problem.
I read they've disabled the top "tap" feature to activate the device until/if they
fix the issue.

they fixed the flaw but I really have not found anything that specifically said when the fix will update - before or after the home install.   they did say preorders will not be affected but again, they did not specifically say if the flaw will be fixed before or after the home install - it could be a play on words.  It is to the point I really do not trust anything big business say anymore.  They say one thing but it is really something else. 
I think mine has been opening to the Drop In screen since the feature became available.  I don't care for it either but it's not that much of an inconvenience (to me).  I would like the list feature to be the opening screen tho!
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