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I too heard an annoying hum when connecting my Dot to an external speaker/amplifier. It was a constant noise regardless of the volume setting of either the Dot or the speaker. Luckily the speaker had both phono and 3.5mm jack inputs and I was able to connect the Dot via the 3.5mm jack and then connect the outer part of the phono connector to earth. This caused the hum to almost disappear - thereby backing up mike27oct's observation that a bad ground connection is often to blame. For an earth, I used a nearby radiator pipe.
you're funny. I wish i'd read that before i unboxed the beautiful thing.

I'll definetly give the video a try once it's at it's final destination. This thing has some speakers on it. Touch screen (didn't know it was touch screen).

Next up: Enabling Alexa calling and getting family to use their alexa app.

Echo Technical Support / Re: Echo and LG OLED TV with ThinIQ
« Last post by jwlv on September 12, 2018, 03:32:51 pm »
I have an LG TV and I've found that the ThinQ and the rest of their "smart" tech is just barely useable. I've disabled all of the "smart" features on my LG TV. And LG doesn't seem to care about making it any better. Just look up some of the reviews on all their devices with ThinQ. It's basically crap.
Amazon Echo Discussion / Re: Setting up Echo Show for my non-local very senior parents
« Last post by jwlv on September 12, 2018, 03:30:56 pm »
Sounds great! If you don't mind when you're done, make a video on YouTube and show us how you're using this technology with your parents.
Challenge Accepted Y'all.

Background: Senior Living at a residential location, not with me, YES wifi, no Amazon, and limited cell phone usage.

Solution: Amazon Show gifted by family for easy video communication.

Environment: WIFI at her location, Yes.
Users: Family with controlled access.
Types of use: Video Chatting, Drop in, Announcements, voice messaging, smart home remotes and features.
Setup by: Siotha - DIY - style. Completion date anticipated for SEpt 30 2018.

Today: Echo Show arrived. Unboxed, and setup update. Attempting to follow directions here.
Echo Technical Support / Echo and LG OLED TV with ThinIQ
« Last post by jerryoster on September 12, 2018, 12:17:32 pm »
I recently obtained a 2018 LG 65" OLED TV with ThinIQ technology.  I followed all the steps, both on the Alexa APP and ThinIQ APP to pair and register the devices so I could use Alexa to control some of the TV functions.  The pairing seems to have worked, but I can only use the voice command to turn the TV "OFF." Any other instructions are answered by "Bedroom TV does not respond."Is this an issue with one of the apps, or am I doing something wrong?  Has anyone been successful with this and used Alexa to control the TV? 
Amazon Echo Discussion / Re: Reminders / Alarms
« Last post by tuicemen on September 12, 2018, 04:01:43 am »
Have you tried setting up Routines?
These have to be setup from a phone but you can have them do a number of things as well as speak custom phrases. ;)
Echo Technical Support / Adjust sensitivity or tweak ESP?
« Last post by Strahan on September 11, 2018, 09:52:50 pm »
Hi.  Is there any way to adjust mic sensitivity or manage ESP settings?  I saw someone asked two years ago but to no avail, was hoping maybe in that time a method was found.  My upstairs Echos are in my living room, bathroom, hallway, bedroom, and office.  I can be standing 3 feet from the LR echo and say "alexa, (whatever)" and down the hall the thermostat Echo will reply.  I disabled the mic on that one.  Now the bathroom one will grab it sometimes.  I keep that door shut.  That fixed it, but it's still really aggravating that I have to.  I thought ESP was supposed to have the Echo with the strongest read on your voice handle the command.  I find it hard to believe the bathroom down the hall had a better read than the one three feet from me lol.
Echo Technical Support / Re: Help! Accounts have gotten intertwined
« Last post by Strahan on September 11, 2018, 09:08:42 pm »
Thanks for the reply.  Amazon was no help, and it took forever just to get them to grasp the issue.  I ended up just finally getting off the phone and having my sister boot me from her prime household then I signed up for my own prime account.

I could live with the lists being intertwined, but we found that smarthome stuff also links so as I have a "lights" group, she cannot. 

Sounds like a savvy plan by Amazon to force more people to buy prime *sigh*
Amazon Echo Discussion / Re: Drop In between US and UK
« Last post by Mwalsh on September 10, 2018, 07:52:27 pm »
I have the drop-in function working between Ireland + UK + Germany. The primary requirement for me was to use the Echo Show so that we could have video conferencing without my mother needing to use a keyboard or a remote control ... or indeed, any device. Everyone is happy with the video quality and we think that a lot of the problems of the past were due to my mother not holding the phone up to her ear correctly. Now it's all hands-free and works a treat!

Where I initially got into difficulties (and perhaps some of them would have been avoidable if I had had more time / patience / knowledge) was when trying to configure / control two Alexa Echo Shows using the same Amazon account ... or even the same mobile phone. Basically, Alexa is using the mobile phone's contact list associated to the Amazon account ... so if I want my mother to be able to call someone new, then I need to be able to manage her mobile phone. If my mother wants to allow someone "drop in" privileges then this, too, can also only work if you have access to the correct mobile phone. 

As my mother doesn't own a smartphone, I had to buy a new one with dual SIM cards (one Irish and one German) and register and associate those phone numbers with the appropriate Amazon accounts. In order not to complicate things, I  set up two new Amazon accounts, one for each device ... which means that the Prime status of my primary Amazon account does not apply to either of those new accounts.

I hope this helps.


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