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Predicting weather only an hour from now IS in the future, and does require a crystal ball.  Stop splitting hairs; we told you how to find more weather info from Alexa.
Thanks for your replies. First let me state that I'm not looking to Alexa to predict what's in a crystal ball. My point is If I ask what is the weather now and Accuweather says it's currently pouring and Alexa keeps saying it's cloudy there is a disconnect. I've asked for the weather now, a specific time as in the current time etc.. So for some reason for my city it is not working correctly. Accuweather is correct but Alexa is not reading off my city's Accuweather and she does state the correct city when she gives the conditions so I know that is in there correctly.

Also, getting a 'local TV station' does me no good as I live 20 miles from the 'big city' and they only talk about the big city, they don't care about the surrounding towns and it is a totally different ecosystem anyway. Accuweather and Weather Underground at least state the current weather correctly, for some reason that info is not getting to Alexa.

I don't know how to make the issue clearer.
Amazon Echo Discussion / Echo Spot turning on by itself
« Last post by jw123 on February 21, 2018, 09:26:42 pm »
Why is my Echo Spot turning on by itself?

Several times, I've turned it off (held down the power button and clicked the "yes" check mark), but it came on by itself a few hours later.

I don't have any alarms set. It's got the latest software update. This hasn't happened with my Echo Show.

Fortunately it's turned on in mute mode, or this would be a real security concern. Still, it's annoying. Any idea why it happens?
Echo Technical Support / White screen instead of results in iOS Alexa app
« Last post by Morac on February 21, 2018, 09:22:56 pm »
Today on my iPhone 7 Plus, the home tab where the Alexa results usually display started showing up as a white screen.  The buttons at the bottom and top still appear, but instead of the Alexa results there is a white page. I later tested the Alexa app on my iPad Air 2 and that was working fine (results were updating), but about 20 minutes later it too displayed a white screen instead of results. It did this after I went into the settings to check the app version.

I even dragged out my old iPhone 5s and iPad 2, installed the Alexa app on both and got the same results.  Iíve already tried deleting and reinstalling the app and restarting my devices, but nothing helps.  I can get the Alexa results from the web site, but not in the app.

I tried contacting Amazon Alexa support, but they werenít any help.  They just told me they donít know whatís wrong.  It seems like something server side considering it broke out of the blue on all my iOS devices, including one running iOS 9.3.5, though it took longer for the iPad Air 2 to stop working.

Any idea whatís going on or how to fix it?  Anyone else having the same problem?


It started working again, though not consistently.
I don't know where Amazon gets it's weather from but my DOT always gives me the current weather correctly for the city I live in.  My street address is in the Alexa browser app.
All my tv local news stations have weather skills. Check your local news stations to see if they have weather skills.
Echo Technical Support / Re: Tunein radio
« Last post by Alpha Bitch on February 21, 2018, 08:48:27 pm »
Iím new to echo and was wonder how to use tunein radio with my echo. I ask it to play 90ís hits and she doesnít find anything
iHeart Radio will do what you want even though it's a radio.
Tunin Radio will not.
I've been looking for a way to decrease or increase the volume of the tone that my amazon echo gen 2 makes when you you press buttons like volume up or down.

Actually you do not need to press any buttons.  Just tell your device to "increase" volume plus 1 & so on to increase volume or "decrease" volume minus 4 & so on.
Potpourri / Opinion on Amazon's delivery people
« Last post by jwlv on February 21, 2018, 08:38:34 pm »
I just wanted to vent about some of the Amazon Flex delivery people.

Many of these drivers park on my driveway because they don't want to walk an extra 10 feet if they park on the street. I have no problem with that except many of them have jalopies that leak oil on to my driveway. I've contacted Amazon logistics (they're the ones who are responsible for the Flex drivers) to complain and they've noted on my account to never park on the driveway. Yet about half of them still do. UPS, FedEx, USPS, OnTrac, they all park on the street and never ever on my driveway.

One time I got a "package delivered" notice and I saw nothing at my door. The package I was expecting contained jewelry. I panicked and looked at my doorbell camera as well as the outside security camera. Nothing. Nobody came to the door. The tracking information showed "Delivered in mailroom." Well, I don't have a mailroom. There's nothing that even remotely resembles a mailroom here. At this point I figured the guy must have gone to the wrong house. I was pissed and ready to yell at someone. Turns out the Amazon Flex driver stuffed the package through the slot in my mailbox at the front of the house. They don't know that it is illegal to put anything in a mailbox unless it is from the United States Postal Service. This has happened 2 more times since that first occurrence.

Once on my doorbell camera I saw a little girl delivering my package. She looked about 10 years old. Standing 10 feet away at the end of the driveway was her mother who I assume is the actual Amazon Flex driver. Quite often I see more than one person in the car that pulls up to make a delivery. I guess it's faster for two people to do it. One to drive, the other to run out and drop off the package at the door. Plus the other person can give the driver better directions and where to turn for the next stop. I guess Amazon is ok with it since they're getting two people for the price of one.

Btw, I know someone who is an Amazon Flex driver. I know what kind of training they get. The answer is they tell them very little. The training consists of a few short videos that's just common sense and how to use the delivery app. They don't say anything about parking on private property. They don't say anything about putting packages in mailboxes. They don't even say anything about bringing other people or little kids with you on deliveries.   

Echo Technical Support / Re: Alexa has "trouble accessing your calendar"
« Last post by Sachelis on February 21, 2018, 07:25:36 pm »
I am having the same trouble.  It was working just fine

I'm the original poster. My calendar has been working fine, but today Alexa prompted me to run the Alexa app (on my phone), choose Settings and then Calendar. There was a message in the app saying I need to reconnect to my calendar (I don't remember the exact words) . I clicked on the linked account, the message went away, and she can read my calendar again.
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