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Title: Three skills with potential
Post by: strayfish on December 28, 2016, 10:52:24 am
Not fully scrubbed up yet but they're a start.
Ask My Buddy ( keeps a list of contacts that it will alert if the user activates it via Alexa.

Debby Onsite ( lets the user store and then retrieve reminders about the location of something. It can also be manipulated into saying what an alarm or a timer mean although that's a bit clumsy.  Might be better than nothing though.

Ear Play ( lets the user listen to and participate in stories by making choices about what characters do. I haven't investigated the catalogue yet so I don't know what's available but I tried the demo. As a tool for keeping a person with cognitive impairments focused and engaged, or simply actively entertaining a person isolated by age or disability, I'd say this has potential. Might need another app with specially written material though.