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Echo Technical Support / Re: Echo Dot not responding
« Last post by jwlv on February 24, 2018, 05:31:34 pm »
Maybe the button is stuck? Try pressing the mic button repeatedly and see if you can feel the little click.
Amazon Echo Discussion / Re: Lights off problem
« Last post by renegade600 on February 24, 2018, 05:13:00 pm »
The best way of dealing with this seems to be to set up routines (I use the Hue app) to turn all lights off at a specific time, 1 am for example. If they are already off this just gets ignored. As renegade600 says, put them all into a single group to make this easier.

that is a good idea, wished I thought of that.  never gave it a second thought since I have been relying on the dropcam emails since before routines came out. 
Amazon Echo Discussion / Re: Lights off problem
« Last post by renegade600 on February 24, 2018, 05:09:04 pm »
That doesn't happen with Insteon products, not even Insteon LED bulbs.

it is one of those features you don't know about until after the fact.  so most will get bulbs thats cheaper  :-) 
is this something that just started or has it been this way since setup?  maybe try another cable.  also try turning the volume down on the alexa.
Echo Technical Support / Echo Dot not responding
« Last post by tark311 on February 24, 2018, 03:29:17 pm »
My Echo Dot will not come out of mute mode. The ring and the microphone icon stay solid red. Tried unplugging and plugging back in. Starts up normally then microphone icon turns red and the red ring lights up. Tried resetting but nothing happens, ring just remains red. Do not disturb setting  in the app is turned off. Any suggestions. Thank you
I have my echo dot connected to my surround sound system with an aux to a/v cable. It sounds like it is all fuzzy and distorted whenever I ask her to play music or whenever she says anything. I can't figure out why.
Amazon Echo Discussion / Re: Spot bug
« Last post by AlanH on February 24, 2018, 01:22:34 pm »
Good to hear they’re working on the issue. Thanks for the update.
Amazon Echo Discussion / Re: Spot bug
« Last post by Pagemakers on February 24, 2018, 01:11:20 pm »
Looks like Amazon have finally spotted the issue. They replied today with......

I just wanted to give you an update on the progress of the issue you are facing with your Echo Spot.

The update I have received from our technical department is that the issue is quite a bit more complicated an issue than originally expected. We currently have our technicians spanning several teams working on a resolution and should have a answer for you very shortly.

Once I have more information I will email you again. Thank you once more for your patience and cooperation.
Amazon Echo Discussion / Re: Mystery Beep - Driving me crazy!
« Last post by Laurel on February 24, 2018, 12:27:37 pm »
We get one sound and the light ring with the delivery announcement.  No other sounds thereafter, but the ring flashes until we dismiss it.
Amazon Echo Discussion / Re: Echo dot
« Last post by scottrods on February 24, 2018, 11:46:33 am »
It occurs to me there is a distinction I may be overlooking (others may too); that's the distinction of a snart wall switch (light switch) and a smart plug to control a lamp or light. 

I also may have inadvertently added to the mud as well... as I use no smart switches or receptacles... I use Philips Hue Bulbs and their bridge. All of the things I mentioned are "native" to the Hue system, so no changes need to be made for what "type" of item The Echo works with. In the other thread, I was reading this morning, Mostly because I was oddly concerned at how some folks weren't getting along so well in the discussion about lights and group control... when I realized that the OP had never said he was using Smart lighting, but had actually mentioned he was using the switches I believe. Wemo Light switches. In this thread rderkis wasn't as specific. But all the same advice applies, except he figured out through another poster, that he needed to change the "Type" of device somewhere, and what NOT TO NAME stuff... In hue It knows which type, but you still need to avoid certain names or multiple items and groups with the same names. Also, in the App (Alexa app) you cannot change the icon of a hue bulb to anything else... so I had no idea you could change it. It makes sense that you can on a Receptacle though. I just don't have anything to compare to.

So to wrap this up a little neater for anyone reading this in the future - dragon123 seems to have the better grasp and explanation of how it the echo works. Parsed together as one post kind of - -

The easiest way is to make groups. In the app, go to smart home -> groups. For instance I have a Kitchen Group that includes all kitchen lights and the kitchen echo. If you include an echo in a group, that group becomes 'Alexa enabled' which means that if you are in the kitchen and say 'alexa, turn on the lights' Alexa knows to turn on all kitchen lights.

Before there were alexa-enabled groups you could make a 'kitchen group' of lights, and had to say 'Alexa, turn on all kitchen lights', which of course still works and this is the command for when you are elsewhere in the house as well.And you still can't create multiple groups named "lights". Group names still have to be unique.
Like I said a couple times now: DO NOT NAME A GROUP "LIGHTS".



It is sort of a reserved word, as in, a function of alexa. If you use it as a group name you'll miss out on the whole alexa-enabled part of the group

IMO it shouldn't allow you to name a group 'lights' at all.I think this is an oversight, and they might wanna fix that.

name the groups of lights+echo by room, use whatever name you want. (just not "lights")





and This little tidbit by rederkis related to WEMO SWITCHES -
 "I learned how to do it.
just make a group with the room's alexa dot in it and the rooms light/switch/plug you want to control.
Then make sure the icon of the light/switch/plug is a light bulb! You must tell alexa it is a light by using that light bulb's icon(found under type of device)"
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