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Brief mode turned on, but Alexa starting to say "OK" again after commands

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For longest time, it's been great, just a ding after I tell it to turn on lights or whatever, but lately it's responding with "OK" again, just like before brief mode was added.

anyone else?

Yep, here too! I really hate that OK response.

Same problem here: all our Amazon Echo and Amazon Dot devices with Brief Mode turned on have reverted to a voice response.

Just happened to me today. I'm really upset! >:( I relied heavily on this feature to avoid disturbing others.

What's the deal?

I just tried this recently as a test for a poster who said it's not working. It's working flawlessly a few days ago. Just tried it now and agree that it is not working as it should this time.

That's messed up. LOL.

oh yeah first thing this morning they all began doing it regardless whether the box being checked or not. there was a large software update pushed out over the past week. partly as they wanted to make the fire 8/10 tabs be able to perform as echo shows. they didn't roll it out all at once but over several days and not done yet. could be related or not.

that said considering what it is i'm confident they'll fix it fairly soon, especially once their call centers get flooded by calls by folks other than us wondering what is going on.
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Starting working again last night.