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Using your Echo to trigger scripts

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Using your Echo to trigger scripts
« on: January 24, 2016, 06:10:52 pm »
Using a single recipe triggered by my Echo I run the following actions.

Download torrents to local machine
Alexa trigger Engage System
Send trigger to
ifttt sends email
Apple mail runs applescript based on email
Automator App
Run shell script to turns on Demo Plug
WeMo plug start OpenMediaVault Server
10 Min Pause
ApplesScript to mount shared drives
Run shell script to Move all torrents from local to Media Server
Transmission reads torrents & starts download
60 Min Pause for downloading
Run shell script to run bash script on media server via SSH
bash unbar all download files place them to be sorted
bash run sortTV (which rocks) and moves all media into Plex friendly folders.