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Audio stutters, crackles and drops words ONLY when Alexa speaks on BT Speakers

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Hi everyone,

Newbie here from India. I'm having a strange problem with my Echo Dot. The sound crackles a little / stutters and drops words but ONLY when Alexa speaks and ONLY when connected to bluetooth speakers. No problems at all when music is playing or the flash briefing is being read. Also the problem vanishes when I disconnect from bluetooth and connect 3.5mm speakers, or use the Echo Dot's inbuilt speaker.

I tried talking with Amazon Echo support but the support person didn't understand me properly and gave some vague reply about future software updates solving the problem.

I'm in the Amazon return window where I can return / replace it. Should I go ahead and get it replaced (I'm not returning it, I love it!! :) )? Or should I wait for a software update to rectify it? Is this a possible software problem? Or a hardware issue?
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I would exchange it and if you had the same result of stuttering  then it's your Bluetooth speaker that's the problem.

Yes. I think I'll do that. Thanks for your inputs.