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Broadlink RM2+, RM Tasker Plugin, Smartthings and Alexa

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Broadlink RM2+, RM Tasker Plugin, Smartthings and Alexa
« on: July 17, 2017, 01:30:09 am »
I am looking for someone to point me to where I am getting this wrong!

I have the above RM Tasker Plugin that I am testing with a view to purchase if its working for my needs.
I have an android box where I installed it. The box can see my Broadlink RM2+ device, and I can query the bridge via HTTP on port 9876 successfully.

I have a number of remotes configured in the Broadlink RM2+ via the eControl app.

Now when I click on Code List within the android plugin, it is saying  "You have not configured any remotes in Broadlink app...."

I tried to "force import data from eControl" but that did not work either.

Please help to solve this. It would be easier to populate my codes from eControl than to start learning them one-by-one again.

Also i have Combo buttons in eControl that trigger multiple keystrokes/remote presses, which can be hard if entered via the Plugin interface.