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Using Alexa with more than one Harmony Hub can be done!

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Using Alexa with more than one Harmony Hub can be done!
« on: January 08, 2017, 09:16:12 am »
I have two Echo Dots - on in my living room and one in my man-cave.   You can imagine my dismay when I found out that  I had to decide between the two Harmony hubs when setting up Alexa.   

I tried a few options;   

1) I set up an IR blaster and attempted to put all of my devices on one hub and then blast that between the IR sender/receiver.  (and yes, I am such a geek i actually had two sets of these already laying around) Flaw - My Harmony only allows eight devices.   Fail.

2) I could revert to IFTTT.   I like going forward, not backward.  Not even going to bother.   

3) I set up a second Amazon account and then added it to my Amazon household.  I linked the living room to one account and the man-cave to another.   All services are there because the accounts are linked.  I can even manage the same shopping list!   Win!

4)  If I had a third Harmony I would be totally hozed, though the IR blaster might work since I have far fewer items on my man-cave hub.

Re: Using Alexa with more than one Harmony Hub can be done!
« Reply #1 on: March 20, 2017, 06:03:10 am »
Can do this by using SmartThings. You need to link the smartthings hub with each of the the harmony hubs and then use Alexa to execute the differently named smartthing "devices/actions"

Re: Using Alexa with more than one Harmony Hub can be done!
« Reply #2 on: March 24, 2017, 10:20:24 pm »
Can also do this with Yomino, a free app that works well for on/off of Harmony activities.  Ones is named Living Room Hub, the other is Bedroom Hub.  For the Living Room, I just say "Alexa, turn on {activity}".  For the Bedroom I say "Alexa, turn on bedroom {activity}".  Red skill for volume etc will only work with one remote still.  Don't even use the blue skill since Yomino covers that functionality and less to clog my device list.

Bonus that Yomino ties my Wink, Nest, Hue and the two Harmonies into routines.  So with "Alexa, turn on the Movies" along with the activity, the color Hues turn blue, kills the main living room light, dims the lamps, lowers the temp two degrees...  Other activities control everything as appropriate.

Re: Using Alexa with more than one Harmony Hub can be done!
« Reply #3 on: June 06, 2017, 01:15:12 pm »
Hello. New forum user here. Found this site researching how/if possible to use 2 separately purchased "Logitech Hub" devices in multiple rooms for FULL control "Alexa" voice commands to (for example): Turn TV on/off - Volume control - Change Dish Network channels, ect...

My original and currently working as desired in main room (living room) Logitech device is the "Elite combo w/ the pretty color touch screen remote". (I don't even use the remote) Bought for the Alexa voice integration.

Most recently, I bought the "Logitech Smart Home" Hub/basic remote system to configure in my bedroom in hope to have the same functionality as in my original first paragraph above. Should have done my research as unfortunately I find a bit of a problem doing this simply.

I've read a few of the suggested workarounds in this thread and to be honest, I am not sure what the best route to move forward is.

- The creation of "Multiple Amazon and/or Logitech Accounts" Of which I am a bit uncertain of the process if both are  needed and then the Logitech Hubs can be actually used with the better Alexa Logitech Skill to obtain the more advanced commands rather than on/off for said TVs, Soundbar, ect...?

- Purchasing the "Samsung Smart Hub" and apparently it can link simply to BOTH Logitech Hubs & assign thorough Alexa voice control commands as I desire? (I see one of these are going to set me back aprox $100 on Amazon). Curious what additional benefits would be going this route or if this would be the simplest most desired way to go?

- Usage of the "Yonomi" app, of which I have attempted but the damn thing still is not distinguishing between the two separate room hubs and often turning off/on the living room TV instead of the bedroom TV. I am sure this is user error trying to set everything up on my end but I also researched and note that with "Yonomi", one is basically going to be limited with ONE of the room's entertainment devices commands to basically On/Off as in no "Alexa commands - volume control, channels switching, and whatnot"?

Can those familiar as per this thread and my situation chime in on the most desirable route to go as this Alexa-Smart Home integration has become a bit disappointing and confusing to me?


Re: Using Alexa with more than one Harmony Hub can be done!
« Reply #4 on: July 15, 2017, 10:29:16 am »
I am having the same issue with Yonomi. Can someone explain how they set up Yonomi to work with each hub? I have them both appearing as devices, but can't figure out how to distinguish them from one another. Thanks!

Re: Using Alexa with more than one Harmony Hub can be done!
« Reply #5 on: July 16, 2017, 04:03:24 pm »
This highlights one of my overall biggest frustrations with Echo, in most cases you cannot bind functions to specific Echos and this really needs to happen for these devices to really take off as true smarthome hubs. I have this issue with both Lutron Homeworks and Harmony Hub integration. Users want to be able to say, "Alexa, turn on TV" or Alexa, "Turn off lights" without having to constantly remember which room they are in. Am I in Mark's Bedroom or Jamie's Bedroom? Is this the upper hallway or the stairwell? This ability is clearly possible as you can turn some functions on/off by Echo name already and multiple Echo's already have algorithms to determine which one is closer to you.

I really hope they add this ability sooner than later. For now, my vote to this original post is definitely multiple Amazon accounts so that you can keep the Entertainment system controls identical between rooms. This is especially true if you want your system to be usable by your spouse, kids, guests, parents, etc. 

Re: Using Alexa with more than one Harmony Hub can be done!
« Reply #6 on: August 25, 2017, 10:47:57 am »
Using Eric_L's idea I used my wife's Amazon account and set up my new Harmony Home Hub for just my bedroom and added all the other things we might need to control from the rest of the house in there as it seems that each Harmony Hub is the only thing (so far) not discoverable on more than one account. I now have left that Echo on her account and can control the bedroom tv without controlling my living room Tv but can still call for doors to lock and lights to work etc