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Using Alexa with more than one Harmony Hub can be done!

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Using Alexa with more than one Harmony Hub can be done!
« on: January 08, 2017, 09:16:12 am »
I have two Echo Dots - on in my living room and one in my man-cave.   You can imagine my dismay when I found out that  I had to decide between the two Harmony hubs when setting up Alexa.   

I tried a few options;   

1) I set up an IR blaster and attempted to put all of my devices on one hub and then blast that between the IR sender/receiver.  (and yes, I am such a geek i actually had two sets of these already laying around) Flaw - My Harmony only allows eight devices.   Fail.

2) I could revert to IFTTT.   I like going forward, not backward.  Not even going to bother.   

3) I set up a second Amazon account and then added it to my Amazon household.  I linked the living room to one account and the man-cave to another.   All services are there because the accounts are linked.  I can even manage the same shopping list!   Win!

4)  If I had a third Harmony I would be totally hozed, though the IR blaster might work since I have far fewer items on my man-cave hub.