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unable to link WeMo

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unable to link WeMo
« on: December 25, 2016, 05:56:22 pm »
Hi all,
Here's hoping there is simply solution I have overlooked and a kind knowledgeable person will assist.

I have set up my WeMo and can control a light bulb with the WeMo app on my IOS device.
I have updated the firmware up until it advised that I was up-to-date (a number of updates).
All Good so far.
Remote Access is enabled.

My Echo Dot is setup and working well, very pleased with it.

The issue is around the linking of the echo WeMo skill using the wifi network name and MAC address.

I have put in my wifi name (2.4GHz one) that is the one reported to being used by WeMo) with the SSID using the correct case. I have manually entered the MAC address, and also tried copy n pasting the MAC address from the WeMo app; in all cases it says Unable to verify and try again, after the second attempt fails it advises I need to wait ten minutes before trying again.

Any things I can try that may allow the verification to pass? Or a tip to troubleshoot the issue.

Thanks in advance.
How hard can it be?